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Don't be fooled into thinking that all auto glass and auto glass shops are the same. Here at First Call Auto Glass we guarantee you a safe and properly installed windshield. We believe that your safety is important. It should never be compromised. We can assure you that you will receive a safe and high quality installation

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Auto Windshield care must be taken if a crack develops on the screen. You need to be careful for it to not spread further. One must not bang the car doors very hard. Do not use worn out wipers on your scree. Do not increase/decrease the AC/heater temperature too high or low. Do not go into zones with sudden change in temperature. You can put a transparent duct tape on the crack to avoid it from spreading further. 

How can you be assured of a safe and quality installation? Take advantage of the windshield safety checklist. 
Ask the auto glass shop that will be performing the work on your vehicle if they can pass this test... Glass type? 
Is it Pilkington, PPG, Carlite, or FYG? Or is it another of lesser quality. 1 Hour safe drive away adhesive? 
Are the Technicians all certified & ask to see there NGA card. 


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