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There are so many different ways to use social media and just about everyone and every corporation has their own rules. Who is right? Who do you believe? I believe social media companies are just like going to your local grocery store. In more ways than 1.


1. You have such a large selection and most of the time when you go shopping you are hungry. You are confused on what to grab for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a snack. So what do we do. We end up filling up a cart.


Now you to the check out line. You watch your food as it slides across the bar scanner. Beep $1.50, Beep $3.47, Beep $4.59, Beep $.89. Then finally, you final bill. "That will be $45.85." the lady behind the counter says. You think to yourself, '$45.85" for what? I just wanted a snack.

Get to the point you say...

Well, you are given so many choices and you should never shop when you are hungry. You should research all aspects and apply those that you think will work for you and your brand. Write it on a list and stick with that list. If you go in hungry, you will buy just about anything and everything in desperation to stop that hunger and still look at your cupboards saying, "I don't have anything to eat".


2. Social Media is not a hard thing to do at all. But it can be for those who don't know a thing about it. Social Media has been played into the field where everyone is jumping on it and doing very little with it if at all. This can is worse than not having one to begin with.

You should run your social network like the old Ma and Pa businesses. You have to communicate with your readers, followers, friends. Answer their questions, hold their hands at times, guide them to what is important to them.


Anyone who has done any shopping at Wally-World, knows that the service there is horrible. You walk in with a false welcome and leave with a false thank-you. It is just a like any other hirable business out there. They say hello and welcome, you give them money, then they pat you on your behind and say thanks for shopping.

Now, where is the customer service and the loyalty? As a consumer you want to go to a place where you feel welcomed. Not a DROID at the front. Gant it, people go to this place like a flock because of perceived value on their pricing. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you could go to a place that has 100% same products and reasonable prices, but instead its called, "Your Brand/Business" and they offered excellent customer service, people are clean, professional, exciting to talk to, answer your questions, wait on your hand and foot, offer to take you to the product, offer you facts on the product/service, offer you alternatives to your product/services even if it was a competitors, help you bag your product/services, help you take them to your car, then give you a personal business card saying you can contact me any time and I will answer any questions you have and if I don't have the answers myself, I will make sure that I find someone that can.

This my friends is what Social Media is truly all about. The Ma and Pa service. Twitter, Facebook, Word Press, and thousands of others out there is your personal one-on-one opportunity to shine to your customers. Answer their questions. Find out their interest. Show them you care.

NOTE TO SELF: Make sure that if you are not going to be the one in charge of your Social World that you find someone you trust, that likes to socialize, knows what they are doing and is going to stick around for a very, very, very long time. Nothing is worse then changing someone in charge of your Social World like a babies diaper. Customers grow to know and trust the person behind that screen. Changing them, just adds more distrust in your community.

Note about me: I love this new world and it is going to keep on growing. It is going to take off no matter if I decide to use it or not. For those who do not believe in this new world and using it correctly, it will only make your product/service fail.

I will continue to write about these subjects and many others as well. I do have a new product coming out that is going to be and is all ready starting to be the fastest ways to reach your customers via Mobile Phone Marketing / Networking. If your interested, email me at

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